Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I'm a Sophomore!

I've made it through my first year of college. I had a lot going on this semester or I would have probably tried to post more. Anyhow, I've had almost two weeks to recover and am currently attempting to find somewhere to shadow a doc. I guess I have a lot of things I'd like to say, but I'm hoping to be able to take pictures of things and put them up here. That and do some target practice with my bow as I haven't been able to while away at school.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Random Sight from the Bus

I didn't get a picture, as I wasn't on the right side of the bus for it, nor did I have my camera. However, I saw a man practicing tight walking in the miniature park next to the main library. He was clad in only what I'd call 'training pants' and his headphones and was practicing his balance about a foot and a half to two feet off the ground. I thought it was really cool and scary at the same time because there were trees all around him. Not a lot of other people around me seemed to notice though. I don't know if he's a student or a graduate student, or something else, but I think it was very neat what he was doing.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Today is Earth Hour!

At 8:30pm local time, I'd love for whole parts of the world to get dark, but I doubt that will happen, so it'd just be cool if whole areas went out for it. It's meant to be a call for action on climate change, but you can read more about at their site. I think it's really just very good idea for the lights to go out at night so that people can look up at the stars and planets. There's a lot of light pollution, and it's rather boring to look up at a sky with very few stars. I'll probably spend the hour reading by flashlight or something like that.

I hope that this is rather new and that it will gain more notoriety as the years continue. I'm going to add it to my calendar.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


This site is meant to help people accomplish goals which will reduce their carbon footprint. Whether there is global warming or not--I'm not a climatologist so I have no opinion on the matter--I think it's a really good idea to do things that are better for the environment because by using and reusing, we create less waste. Though less waste means less for future archaeologists, I think they will have plenty to pick through. We also will have everything a bit cleaner and aren't taking away our beautiful forests as quickly.

I'm currently participating in three challenges to make things better. They're economical, sensible, and nothing earth shattering. Some of it's easy because I live in a dorm, and some of it will my life easier in the dorms. Not using disposable things for meals is easy, but making sure that everything is properly sealed and remembering to turn my computer and electronics off at the surge protector won't be as easy.

I think it's a cool site, and I'm planning on emailing my "Office of Sustainability" at the University of Iowa and recommending it to them. No harm from it at least.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Major Topics and Themes

One of the things I'd like to do with this blog is make record of the research that I'm doing on different natural substances and things that they're used for. While the medical side is obviously important to me, I'd like to try and do more than just that. These posts will be occasional as I'd like to do them as thoroughly and properly as I can.

Also, I'd like to write about useful little things I've figured out, or am having pounded into me through school, family, or friends. I'd also like to get more involved in the blogging community and make useful comments on posts.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Introduction: I'm Not a Perfect Blogger

I'm a freshman in college. I've known about blogs since I was about fifteen, I've probably been trying to write one since I was about that old. However, I've always tried to be perfect and the best one ever. I'm not. So, my goal with this blog is to simply detail what information I think has been useful for me. That way I'll have it when I need it, and if other people find it useful, they have it. I think that blogging is really useful for self-reflection and keeping up with goals, but it's hard at the same time.