Wednesday, March 17, 2010

This site is meant to help people accomplish goals which will reduce their carbon footprint. Whether there is global warming or not--I'm not a climatologist so I have no opinion on the matter--I think it's a really good idea to do things that are better for the environment because by using and reusing, we create less waste. Though less waste means less for future archaeologists, I think they will have plenty to pick through. We also will have everything a bit cleaner and aren't taking away our beautiful forests as quickly.

I'm currently participating in three challenges to make things better. They're economical, sensible, and nothing earth shattering. Some of it's easy because I live in a dorm, and some of it will my life easier in the dorms. Not using disposable things for meals is easy, but making sure that everything is properly sealed and remembering to turn my computer and electronics off at the surge protector won't be as easy.

I think it's a cool site, and I'm planning on emailing my "Office of Sustainability" at the University of Iowa and recommending it to them. No harm from it at least.

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